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I woke up today and found out that my friend's house is in pre-foreclosure.  Hmmmm.  I was thinking about how I could assist and then I realized that it is not my fault he took vacations, bought new cell phones every two minutes, had a fresh $4.00 coffee in his hand twice daily etc. etc. etc.  I am not getting down on this person, I just don't know if I should feel bad.  If I assisted him, I would just be enabling the behavior.

I feel lucky.  I have a working wife (I wish she wouldn't work so much).  My job will never be obsolite.  I sold my last house before the market went south.  Though my current house is not perfect, it is comfortable and I can stay in it without having dealers and hookers pass my front door (like my fist house). 

Good moments of the week:  My mother smiled through her mouth gard when I saw her.  My brother and I are good at rearranging furniture (not good enough to start our own business).  My wife was fiesty about her "tails" it made me laugh inside (at her not with her).  I got NDT tires mounted on my Willys.  My cat is now acting normal (like a dog).  I got to spend last weekend with S. and I get to spend this coming weekend with her again.

Bad moments of the week:  lets forget them and not spoil the good ones.

Books that I have read this month (I don't read five a day like some of my siblings):

Predictably Irrational (Dan Ariely).  The book was a common sense but a good reminder.... I give it a seven.

Unlocked (Louis Ferrane).  The book was OK but I had high hopes for it and felt a bit let down....  I give it a five. 

My knee

My knee is out of wack.  I hope that I do not follow in Papa Sloanes footsteps and have continued issues.  It all started......

Once upon a time there was a bad man with a big knife.  He hurt guy very badly and caused the guy to go to the hospital.  A semi-good person (who wil not be named it this story) does not like bad men.  So the semi-good person attempted to stop the bad man so the bad man could be held accountable for the injuries caused to the guy.  Now the bad man did not want to stop and ran away from the semi-good person.  The  semi-good person gave chase and f---ed up his knee in the process.  The good news is the bad man did not get away and got what was coming to him.  The bad news is that the semi-good person now has to go see a doctor about his f---ed up knee.




I didn't finish my shed.

My grandparents did not call me back.

A famous television writer sent my wife flowers??? He is several states away and is still showing me up.

I installed a RCI fuel cell in my Willys.

I did not do the laundry (I don't know if that is good or bad).

I did not book my trip.

I spent way too much time on-line looking at auto parts that  I do not need.

I spoke with a friend.... his dad went to the hospital because he hurt his leg.

I made a date with my own parents.

It is 5:30 pm and I have not had anything to eat.

It has been another productive day.

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Before I start this entry, I want everyone to know that I started this blog at the urging of another and did not create it to harass my poor brother.  With that said,  I feel like he is one of the focal points of my blog thus far.  That will not be the case in a short time but for now he must once again be a topic of discussion.

The other day I was at looser's lunch (2nd addition in Bellingham).  I learned that my brother (Phil) has finally graduated from high school.  Now we all know that it did not take him this many years in attendance and that he does not ride the short bus but.... I would like to treat it as such.  In recognition of his achievement, I would like to throw a really tacky graduation party in his honor.  I am talking about the greatest of all lame events (streamers, a bad cake, cap and gown... the whole nine yards). 

If this event were to take place, I would need a little input from everyone regarding a few things.  First, I would need someone to take Phil out "somewhere", you must drive so he can not bail as I am sure he will have to be forced to attend.  Note: this party is not going to be a surprise other than when it will occur.  It will be fun to make him guess when the hammer will drop.  Every time friends ask him to do something, he will wonder...Hmmmm????  Next, I will need some assistance contacting his friends as I do not know most of them.  I need to know how many to plan for.  It makes a huge difference because I would need to choose a venue.  I have a house (not large but not small).  I also have access to other larger facilities if the party looks like it will be a good size gathering.

If anyone has ideas post them.  If you are willing to assist, let me know and we can e-mail outside of this media.  I am thinking sometime in April  the exact time and place are not yet known.

What do you think???

Thanks for reading.


Today will be my first post ever on live journal.  So for you folks that don't know me, I am a geek, my posts will most likely be boring, you can comment on my posts but more than likely I will not really care what you think.

I rarely log onto live journal but today I am very ill and don't feel like doing anything... even looking at the computer screen is giving me a headache.  The great thing about live journal is that I get to sort of spy on people.  For instance, though it is not a secrete, I learned that my brother wears glasses.  I am sure he looks good in them but does he really need to look smart..... we all know he is.... hmmm.

I hate being sick... I feel like crap.  I have a pile of new lumber and I can't build my shed.  Some new parts I ordered for my Willys arrived and I can't install them.  I got my dads birthday present in the mail and I can't bring it to him (don't want to get my mother sick).  When my wife attacks me with a wet-Willy, I have a hard time fending off the attack.  Maybe that is why a synonym for sick is LAME.